I keep wanting to know how many months pregnant I am but most info I have read works in weeks. Our how far along am I calculator uses your due date to calculate how many weeks, months and days you are pregnant. It's not a terribly logical thing, with some people saying 12, 13 or 14 weeks being a trimester, a trimester equating to 3 months for most people not caring for pregnant women and 9 months being a pregnancy. Using that information, the pregnancy calculator can calculate how far along in your pregnancy you are. The following information divides the three trimesters into a little over 3 completed months each. Use our Pregnancy Calculator to find out how many weeks pregnant you are based on the first day of your last menstrual period. Calculating your baby's due date isnt as easy as you might think. Not pregnant? If there are only 28 days in a normal menstrual cycle, well any hoo here u Every time I want to know how many months i am i have to continue to put in my last menstrual cycle date. ! This calculator shows you how far along you are in your pregnancy. 40 weeks = 9 months plus one week. Sometimes you might feel very pregnant and six months makes you feel better than Due Date Calculator; (The length of time after conception is sometimes called the ... What's my due date? What is important. If im 7 weeks pregnant how many months am i; WebMD experts and contributors provide answers to: how many weeks pregnant am i Pregnancy Length Months Weeks Days Trimesters Converter Calculator How long does ... Pregnancy Nutrition; When am I fertile? Start planning today. Your menstrual cycle typically includes five days each month when you have a well any hoo here u go! The common idea of 10 months of pregnancy came about because obstetricians traditionally counted pregnancy in months that were exactly 4 weeks long. Find out how many weeks pregnant you are with the FIRST RESPONSE pregnancy calculator. Ad by 23andMe. Find and save ideas about Trimester chart on Pinterest. Learn how to figure out how many weeks pregnant you are and what week of pregnancy youre in at WhatToExpect.com. lol i was bout to say i know im not no 6 months and not really feeling my baby move i thought i was about 5 months im 20 weeks. I am 18 weeks pregnant how many months is that - Small belly at 18 weeks pregnancy, is this normal? I found this chart online and thought it was quite helpful. So, youve just found out that youre expecting a little one! If you were doing an early ultrasound to look for a heartbeat, you may not see much of anything, but wait a week, until after six weeks, around February 15th, and you would see a lot more. So i've been SO confused on Exactly How Many Months Pregnant i am i found this site y'all think its right? Does Pregnancy last 10 Months? If I am 23 weeks pregnant, how many months am I? The average pregnancy lasts 40 weeks from the day of the last regular menstrual period. calculate how many months pregnant you are from pregnancy week, If i am weeks pregnant how many months am i I can never remember how many months I am, just weeks! There are four weeks and two or three days per month, except Feb. therefore, at 20 weeks you are essentially 4.5 months pregnant.